Stump Grinding

Why Grind a Stump?

Its April 1st and you’re finally ready to whip that lawn or garden into shape. You get your gloves on, throw on your hat and set off into the yard when all of the sudden whoops, you trip! Delirious, you look down to see what happened only to realize you forgot about that pesky stump. The one you had cut down last fall. Now you realize you have an unpleasant chore getting in the way of your perfect garden. Don’t let stumps stump you! Call Big Tom’s and well get rid of that unwanted stump.

Yes, stumps can be a real eye sore for that pretty lawn or garden. But what makes matters worse, stumps are like ice bergs, there tends to be a lot more going on that you don’t see.  Often an above ground stump can still be alive allowing the roots to continue to grow and expand. This can put risks on your foundation, pipes or other plants. A stump can also attract termites, carpenter ants which can sometimes attract larger pest.

Big Tom’s will evaluate your stump situation and using specialized grinding machines we will grind the stump down to the optimal grade or to your desired depth. Upon your request we will provide a seeding or sod service to leave your yard looking better than we found it.


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