Tree Pruning & Maintenance

Why Tree Pruning?

Trees are living breathing things, and they have needs just like us. Pruning a tree can be dangerous and should not be attempted unless well trained. There are many reasons why pruning is necessary. Pruning a tree to remove dead limbs will ensure that they do not fall on you or your property. Sometimes a tree may grow where it shouldn’t and cause water to drain on your roof or get tangled in electrical wires and even invade another tree’s growing space. Pruning a tree will help increase airflow between the branches and allow the leaves to gather more sunlight and Co2, making them more immune to diseases or insects. Remember, a well pruned tree is a happy tree.

Big Tom’s offers friendly expert advice and will give your trees the attention that they deserve. Everything from shaping the tree, to crown reduction, and crown thinning, we’ll have your tree looking exactly the way you want it.

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