Tree Removal

Why Tree Removal?

We all love our trees and we hate to see them go, but sometimes it’s necessary. There are several reasons why a tree needs to be removed. Whether the tree has died, or become sick from fungal infections or insect invasion; it is important to understand your trees needs and expectations. This will help prevent it from becoming a danger to you or your property. Even a live tree can be a potential hazard, and its important take the right steps ensure the overall safety of you home environment.

Big Tom’s Tree Service will inspect and evaluate your trees using trained expertise and ensure that the tree is taken down in the safest most efficient way possible. After the tree is taken down, our services extend to a partial or full tree removal. We will clean and haul leaves, limbs and trunks, and even grind the stump for additional fees. Big Tom’s promises to leave your home looking better than we found it.


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